Apr 09

Viper ATV Winch Max 3500

Viper Max 3500lb ATV Winch & Custom Mount for Polaris Sportsman Most Models with GREEN AmSteel®-Blue Synthetic Rope
  • FULLY SEALED – Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Universal Mount included
  • Includes 9′ Cabled/Tethered Remote
  • Rocker Handlebar Switch
  • Contactor/Solenoid
  • Clevis Hook
  • Rubber Line Stopper
  • 4T Snatch Block
  • Hand Saver Strap
  • Waterproof Winch Cover
  • Wiring
  • 3/16″ x 50′ Green AmSteel-Blue Synthetic rope
  • Hawse Fairlead.

The Amsteel Blue synthetic is as good as the hype. It is 30% stronger than the steel equivalent and will be far kinder to your hands.

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Apr 06

The Viper ATV Winch is Worth the Extra Cost

The Viper ATV winch is more expensive than competitors, but it is well worth every penny when the company as a whole is considered. The product is superior in a number of ways and the company understands how excellent customer service should be handled. Customers often return to Viper after trying cheaper companies due to quality of product and ease of returns or refunds when necessary. This company knows what they’re doing and are well worth the extra cost.

The Viper ATV winch uses a synthetic rope rather than a steel cable. Many customers are happy with this development because the synthetic rope is often stronger than the cable. The cable will cut through gloves and hands while the synthetic does neither of those things. The synthetic is far more flexible, and when the synthetic breaks, it is far less likely to cause bodily harm than the stiffened steel. It’s simply easier to work with and safer for the user.

This winch also outlasts most of the competition. Thanks to the synthetics and reinforced pulleys, the winch will stay strong without fraying over time. Many customers have stated that their Viper products outlast any other products they own from other companies and they will be switching to only Viper products. Customers have been overheard saying that this winch beats out all the competition and they will be purchasing Viper products to replace their broken winches from other companies.

The company itself offers a number of different methods to serve customers. Their forums are amazing and an administrator from the company will come to the forums to answer questions. They are friendly and honest. If they can’t fix the issues at the forums, the customer will be directed to the customer service center for either a replacement or a refund. The CEO of MotoAlliance, who produces the Viper ATV winch, will even come to the forums, which proves a dedication from the top down in this company.

Many customers have commented on the service received, stating that the company fixed them up right away and there were no issues getting replacement parts or technical help with the winch. There are very few negative comments regarding the company overall, as many customers are very pleased after purchasing, repairing or returning a product.

Overall, the Viper winch is worth the extra money paid, because the product will outlast its competition by years and the company will continue to provide excellent customer service over the life of the product. Very few customers regret their purchase with Viper products.

Mar 18

Viper Elite 4000 lb ATV Winch With RED AmSteel Blue Synthetic Rope

Viper Elite 4000lb ATV Winch with RED AmSteel®-Blue synthetic rope
  • FULLY SEALED – Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Wireless Remote
  • Rocker Handlebar Switch
  • All Electrical Wiring
  • Clevis Hook
  • Rubber Line Stopper
  • 4T Snatch Block
  • Hand Saver Strap
  • Waterproof Winch Cover included
  •  1/4″ x 40′ Red AmSteel-Blue Synthetic rope
  • Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

The Amsteel Blue synthetic winch rope really is as good as the hype. It’s rated at 8,600 lbs. That makes it 30% stronger than the steel equivalent. Plus it will be far kinder to your hands.

The Viper Elite ATV winch is a great example of how heavy duty and low cost can go hand in hand. This winch won’t break the wallet, but packs a hell of a punch…

The Viper Elite ATV winch has been selling like crazy! This winch has been pulling everything & anything out of the mud and snow!

Since this winch is sealed, you can go practically anywhere that you are brave enough to go!

Viper winch stands by it’s product and this model is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty &  there is a toll free customer service line. So you can be sure you will have a dependable ATV winch that will last a long time without breaking your budget.

This winch has the standard mounting bolt pattern of 3.000″ x 4.875″ and adapters are available where needed.

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